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Margaret bending

About the Photographer

Getting a stranger to capture your special moments can be quite daunting, so let’s not be strangers!

Photo of Margaret Bending - Photographer

About the Photographer

Hi, I’m Margie

I’m a Brisbane local, living to the east of the city in Balmoral, with my partner.

Brisbane is such a fantastic city to live and work around, it provides so many varied and wonderful locations – creeks, bushland, cityscapes and lovely suburban streets. We can always find that perfect backdrop to capture life’s most precious moments.

I specialise in Fine Art Photography – using photography as a means of creative expression, to help bring your vision to life.

I started my business because I want to make people feel happy & empowered, whilst maintaining a low carbon footprint on our beautiful planet.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Living Art to anyone looking for a little inspiration or someone to help you capture those special moments along the way.”

– Linda

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