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Capture the sunrise

By Margie

Good places to go for watching the sunrise – From Jettys near Brisbane

Wellington Point Jetty - Photo by Living Art by Margie

How close to home can you go to see the sunrise?

Think of driving half an hour from your place to somewhere on the coast or Bay Beaches near you.

Maybe pick a jetty not far from where you live or if you are staying somewhere like Hervey Bay there are lots of good places to go like the Urangan Pier.

Rise 3/4 of an hour before the sun rises. Check the google “Sunrise times table for your area”.

Tip: Have your clothes, shoes, camera, keys and whatever you need ready to go near your bedroom door. For a quick getaway. Otherwise you’ll miss out.

When you get there look for a place to stand, walk or watch the sun rising. Make it about connecting with the Natural World and remember to breathe. Have your camera set up so you can click some photos as you watch.

Feel how this connects you to the bigger picture of life.

Todays feature photograph: “Sunrise at Wellington Point Jetty”, below at the Urangan Pier.

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